About us

Pedro Machado Marangon

My name is Pedro Machado Marangon. I was born in 2001 in Curitiba, the capital of ParanĂ¡, one of Brazil's states. For my entire childhood, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. Since I was a kid, I always was pushed to artistic activities, but I also really liked technological and scientific area. Because of that doubt, I couldn't decide what I wanted to work when I was an adult until 2015, when (at the time) i wanted to be a Pixar animator.

At the time, I decided to look for some 3D modelling and animation program to get some portfolio so I could, eventually, get a job at Pixar. That moment was when I discovered Blender, which (as I discovered when searching for tutorials on how to use it) had a built-in game engine. Since that day, my destiny was decided.

My carrer since 2015

After start working with Blender, i decided to be a game developer. My parents thinked i was dreaming out loud, but since when they noticed I was talking seriously they supported me in every way they could. I maded some small games (most of then were labyrinth in first person), but I evolve my gamedev skills, so in 2017 I entered the IFPR course on Game Development that was integrated with the high school.

At IFPR, I maded a huge leap from what I could do before entering and what i could after. I finally started to learn how to code (after 2 years using blender, I only used the visual scripting) and discovered how good I am at coding; then, I started to look more on the internet on my free time about gamedev - seeing Youtube tutorials, reading books about game development, researching on Google, etc. - and, after some time, I started to look about the Unity Engine (which is my main engine currently).

I quickly go from beginner to advanced in Unity and, around mid-2018, i created my account on itch.io. The dream of creating games and get to share online was starting to became true. I maded 13 games on itch.io, mainly for game jams, since then and maded some others (like for the Global Game Jam). I finished the course in 2019 and at the start of 2020, I entered the PUCPR Game Development course, which I'm at currently.

At the moment, my main project is my game in early development, Mighty Mjolnir, which will be launched on Steam (launch scheduled for mid-2022)